Michael Shaun Corby

Michael Shaun Corby

Alterna Global Creative Director
A Finalist of Editorial Stylist at the NAHA 2007

FGT 675C, FSS 302MC, FMT 450C

“Fan Out Shears have taken my cuts to a higher level. They cut like a dream. These shears are the real deal!”

Michael Shaun Corby, Alterna’s Global Creative Director, has been an innovator within the professional hair care industry for the past eighteen years. His professional experience within the entertainment industry coupled with his extensive training at such uber salons as Jose Eber and Umberto’s, both of Beverly Hills, make him an invaluable asset to the Alterna Educational Program.

Michael Shaun Corby has been presenting to sold-out audiences around the world for the past seven years. His signature, easy-to-follow cutting and styling techniques are not only inspired by trends but will also blend beautifully into your every day needs as a professional stylist. "Collections with techniques that can be used on real people, in real salons, will always be a part of what I create" says Michael Shaun.

People wait in line for hours to see this artist, for his easy to follow instruction, his vision for capturing future trends and his genuine, authentic character. Don’t miss your opportunity