Gregory Hinshaw

Gregory Hinshaw

FLT 650C, FSS 302MC, TIS 600C


“I fell in love with my Fan Out’s the first time I put (them) FLT650C & FSS302MC in my hand. These are the best quality shears I’ve ever used and I use them all the time!!! I love the balance and the results.”



Gregory Hinshaw’s vision and creative technique make him one of the extraordinary talented hair artists from the Pacific Norhtwest. Gregory’s infectious style and passion guides and inspires hairdressers in their continuing education, which he firmly believes is the key for success in today’s industry.

Gregory is currently a member of the US Design Team with AlfaParf and continues to educate hairdressers by sharing the creative cutting and coloring collection on the Milan, Italy based company. For several years Gregory also shared his knowledge and expertise and delighted his audiences and his peers alike across the country as a Platform artist with Gerard International.

You will find Gregory performing his artistic creations out of Sun Valley, Idaho where he is a hairstylist for many of today’s rich and famous.