Shear Sharpening

Fan Out Shear Sharpening
( Only available for customers in the USA )

Currently, we only have one craftsman servicing shears, who frequently travels between the US and Japan.
Before sending in your shears for sharpening, please email us

here for an approximate turnaround time.

When sending in your shears, please include the following.
・Your Name
・Shipping Address
・Contact Number
・Email Address

The price for sharpening is JPY 7000 for Fan Out shears and JPY 10,000 for Non-Fan Out shears.
Please note that we are not able to sharpen all Non-Fan Out shears. Once we receive your shears, we can determine if we are able to sharpen them or not.

Please send your shears to the address below.
Fan Out
6440 Sky Pointe Drive, Suite 140-127
Las Vegas, Nevada 89131