Wendy Belanger

Wendy Belanger

National Artistic team of Pureology.

FLT 750 CP, TIS 600C, FGT 525 C, FSS 160 VFC

Wendy has been hand selected as part of the National Artistic team for Pureology.
She, her work and her salon have been featured on television and several commercial and trade magazines.  Her career has found her at events such as fashion week; styling stars for the 2007 Oscar Awards as well as the Emmy’s in L.A., One of her most rewarding to date: being able to be involved in creating the next Pureology collection for 2008.

Every platform's nightmare happened to me. After doing a show in beautiful Hawaii, I returned home to my studio. I began to unpack and my worst fear began to unfold. My shears and their case were taken from my session case. The one cool thing about this if there was a bright side was I got to replace my case with whatever I wanted!!

First person I called was Tak. He had asked me to try his Fan Out shears at a show I had done earlier andI fell in love. Precision and comfort in all his blades is what stood out for me!! My favorite being the Mushin model and the weightless FSS 160 VFC.

I love my new shears!!!! They are superior blades in every way!!!

I had a lot of choices to replace my case with. There are a lot of companies out there. As a platform artist, you need tools that perform and enhance your craft in every way. I went with performance AND service. Fan out all the way!!