Trent Day

Trent Day

Scruples Artistic Director

FSS 302 MC , FGT 675 C , FMT 450C , FSS 130YC , FLT 700C , 
FSS 190VFC , TIS 600C , FSS 110TD , FLT 550C

INCREDIBLE, the best tool I have ever used! 
As a brush is to a printer, clay to a sculptor, steel to an architect, Fan Out shears to a Hairdresser! A must have!



Scruples Artistic Director, Trent Day, with his vibrant spirit, imaginative motivation and innovative cutting and coloring methods will inspire you to take hair from traditional art to the creative craftsmanship that defines who you are and who you want to be.

Fashion contains three essential principles: Shape, Color &Texture.

Modern ingenuity with a classic flair united by Integrity.