Teri Donnelly

Teri Donnelly

FLT 700C, FSS 302MC, FFT 550P
“My new Cobalt 700C shears make me feel like Samurai Girl.” The blade glides through the hair like butter. Every cut is perfectly smooth and precise.”
Teri Donnelly is owner and creator of cuttingclub.com and is renowned for her unique cutting method. Teri travels internationally speaking to stylist about what makes a great haircut and how to capture the perfect shape for each client. She calls it the “dance”, where you, your hands and the hair are all moving together. 

Teri Donnelly is the President and Creative Engineer of her own consulting company, Interaction. Teri’s artistic energy and expertise are among the moving forces behind her work. She has produced and directed fashion and technical videos, photo shoots, and has performed at international shows around the world. 

She has co-authored technical books for the professional beauty industry including the well known Compass Cutting method, now being taught in beauty schools worldwide. She has also created hair cutting systems for professional product companies such as Redken 5th Ave NYC, and ISOmetrix for ISO. 

Her hair images have been featured in such prestigious magazines as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Bazar and covers of leading trade publications. Teri mixes hard work and passion to achieve what few women in her field have been able to do.