Ruth Roche

Ruth Roche

Rare NYC

FSS 302 MC, FGT 575C, FSS 400 WS, FSS 130YC , FMT 550C

“The (texturizing shears) are a wonderful design. They leave absolutely no marks on the hair and glide through while cutting. The curved teeth are great for both traditional and unconventional techniques! Thanks!”


Ruth Roche is a true artist. She is innovative, creative, motivating and impeccably skilled. She has excelled at and mastered every aspect of hairdressing. She has helped to create the products and tools that were necessary to bring the texture to hair that is seen in today’s most popular styles. Ruth’s unique ability to relate and share ideas with other artists has sent her all over the world.

With almost two decades in beauty, Ruth has experience as a salon stylist, platform artist and session stylist; she raised the bar at Redken when she became the Global Artistic Director of Design, and prior to that served as artistic director for renowned British hairdresser Trevor Sorbie.

Her latest venture? RARE NYC … a hip downtown hair salon and advanced training center for professional stylists who wish to remain on the cutting edge. The salon houses a down-to-earth and highly talented team of professionals, who are know for giving clients unique, edgy and comfortable looks.

RARE NYC has already become the ultimate resource for stylists seeking platform artistry training, hands-on experience, or learning how to create a photographic shoot and publish a collection. All classes are taught by Ruth and the RARE Team.

Ruth’s success seems endless. She has appeared on national television shows such as Fox’s Ambush Makeover, and is a frequent guest on NY One Weekend Makeover with Kristen Shaughnessy. She has worked extensively in the development of many successful hairstyling products, and is a leading stylist for New York’s famed fashion week. Her work has been seen on virtually every leading salon trade magazine and has even graced several covers. Her work also appears on the pages on Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmo Girl, Elle, Latina, New Woman, Shape and even the New York Daily News.

Ruth also writes monthly columns for American Salon Magazine and is the recipient of the countless awards including: 2003 Master Stylist of the year, NAHA, a 4-time winner of other NAHA Award, and the 2002 Art of Business in Leadership Award.

Ruth shines the brightest when sharing her knowledge one on one or with audiences of thousands. Her humorous, refreshing, motivating passion for learning and teaching is felt by everyone she meets. For Ruth there is nothing better than learning from and sharing with her peers.

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