Rafe Hardy

Rafe Hardy

Artistic Creative Director of Sexyhair.

FMT 525C  and  FSS302MC

“Lightweight, balanced,  and very comfortable.  Whether I am cutting wet or dry, point cutting or incising, large sections or small, these shears allow me to cut effortlessly throughout the design. Thanks  Fan Out!
Rafe Hardy is an artist, educator and inspiring communicator. Down to earth and infectiously energetic, every time this award-winning hairdresser steps on stage, he strives to empower others to achieve a new, greater level of artistry. This drive has taken Rafe all over the world, enabling him to share his talents and motivate stylists from Russia to Thailand and across the U.S. As the Artistic Creative Director of Sexy Hair, the former salon owner lends his talents and creative insight to designing Sexy Hair's hair cut collections and teaching other stylists how to create these cutting edge looks for their own clients.

With over 25 years in the beauty industry, only Rafe's passion for learning rivals his passion for teaching, and his enthusiasm for Sexy Hair and the “Structure in Motion” system of cutting is unwavering.