Mathew Waldrop

Mathew Waldrop

Robert Cromeans Team Associate, Tulsa 
The Fringe Empire

FGT 625 C

There are two relationships to every haircut and that is wet and dry. The Fan Out FGT 625 C are the best scissors to use. I can cut wet geometrical lines with precision and personalize the haircut when it's dry with one scissor giving me a seamless finish.

Pushing the industry of hair, The Fringe Empire takes education inspiration to a whole new level. Having work featured in reality TV, runway editorials and high fashion. These three individuals have been together since the beginning of their careers as Robert Cromeans salon team associates. They are the new school, the uprising and the children of the revolution.

Being diverse in their art Mathew, Aaron and Bobby work together to create some of the most sought out looks the industry has to offer. Believing that new hairdressers are the future, The Fringe Empire is constantly involved with nationwide education motivating young professionals in school to make a difference. Watch for this new generation trio, because they are the up and coming.

Viva la Revolution.