Educator to the beauty industry professionals

"I love to work with the FUN OUT scissors, they are fantastic, after 10 months of using them, still the cutting edge is good, I really find them strong, easy to manage and excellent at every cut."

20 years ago Martha was named Colombia’s National Women’s Hairstyling Champion and today she is one of only 3 Certified World Trainers for CLiC International, some of her responsibilities is to train new members of the CLiC team, do presentations and platform work at national or international trade shows; part of being a World Trainer is to create, design and launch a Trend Collection for the Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter each year; former member of a Team of 12 internationally certified PIVOT POINT educators. Comfortable in both English and Spanish, Martha has worked extensively throughout North and South America as regional education director of ALFA PARF and as a certified technical advisor for JOICO. CLiC Master in Haircolor, CLiC Master in Haircutting, and CLiC Marter in Hairdesign She has won numerous awards and citations for her work and teaching credentials including Best Hairstylist of the year in Colombia, and All- American Collegiate Scholar while graduating Magna Cum Laude (Fashion Designer)

Today Martha, her two brothers, and family form one of the most intriguing and integrated hairstyling teams you could imagine. In addition she owns Beauty Salons in the Colombia, as partnership with her family, Martha is the former academic director of Pivot Point-Colombia and a strategic partner with WELLA for the distribution of MARILYN BRUSHES in South America. Working out of Miami she is involved at all levels of education with beauty school programs, salon chains and as the Marilyn Brush education team leader. Her approach to education and services is what she calls Salon Realistic, fashion that is wearable, chic-sensual and glamorous. 

International Fine Arts College (IFAC) Fashion Design Associates Degree
Miami 1992-1994
EAN (Business Administration School) Business Administration A. Degree
Escuela Superior Francesa de Belleza Hairstylist-Beautician
Colombia 1979-1982

First Place Evening Women’s wear Design- International Style Award-IFAC 1994
Best Overall Fashion Design graduating class - International Fine Arts College Class 1994
Magna Cum Laude Graduate. International Fine Arts College Class 1994.
All-American Scholar Collegiate Award Nomination 1993
Best Hairstylist of the year. Colombia 1986
First Place Copa Colombia1983 (Colombian National Women Hairstyling Competition)

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