Marco Guglielmino

Marco Guglielmino

Alfaparf Design Team
65 W. 37th St. 4th Floor
NYC, NY 10018

FLT 700, FSS 302MC, FST 500, FSS 300


"Fan out Scissors are state of the art cutting tools for the new millennium. they have quickly become my scissors of choice. in particular, the texturizing shears perform brilliantly. one of my favorite technique in cutting is to create a haircut using only those shears. the technology behind these tools are superior in performance and it shows in the end result of your work."


International Hair stylist and Alfaparf Design Team Member Marco Guglielmino views hair and fashion as a natural extension of the body’s own rhythm and movement. Always ready for a challenge, Marco thrives on creating unique and expressive designs for his clients-raising hair styling to the level of an art form.

Returning to the U.S. after a sojourn in Tokyo, Japan from 1991 to 2001, Marco brings home with him a refreshing attitude on coloring techniques. Taking inspiration from Asian influences, Marco was able to thrive while living in the Japanese culture. His work could be seen on television, in the music industry, pop culture magazines, and in collaboration with some of Japan’s young, up-in-coming fashion designers.

Currently living in Manhattan, Marco serves his private clientele in Zen-like fashion at a Romona Studios. Not content to leave the limelight he found in Japan, Marco can be seen on any given day preparing hair for a runway fashion show. On location for an editorial photo shoot, most recently with Vogue and W Magazine. Working with Gloria and Emillio Estafan and the New Miami Sound Machine for People Magazine. Or on tour with Matrix performing in front of thousands across the U.S. teaching the art of hair and fashion to fellow colleagues.


French Vogue
rolling stone
V Magazine

NYC fashion week
Tyra Banks for the Grammy's and America's Next Top

“I view my life and career in constant evolution. It is important to stretch to the lengths one can only dream of”