David Wagner

David Wagner

Founder/Owner of JUUT the original Aveda concept salonspas.

FSS 302 MC, FGT 625 C, FSS 130 YC

Love these shears. One word "Smooth".

Wagner is the founder/owner of JUUT Salonspas, the original AVEDA concept salons, with eight JUUT locations in the Midwest and one in San Francisco's Bay Area that are continually voted "Best Salon" within their communities.
He is also the best-selling author of, Life as a Daymaker: How to Change the World by Simply Making Someone's Day and initiator of the "Daymaker Movement." 
JUUT comes from the Japanese word "Juuten" which means to refill, as a first name it means to uplift humanity and serve others, and his salons do just that. In fact, working in this industry is where Wagner has nurtured the concept of Daymaking for over 24 years. Collectively the salons see nearly 4,000 customers each day, and each of his 400 employees consider themselves personally responsible for making their clients' days. He deeply believes that by making other people's happiness part of what makes us happy, we can consciously begin to change the world. This concept is the heart of Daymaking, and Wagner's personal/business mission. 
Over many years of collaboration, Wagner and Horst Rechelbacher became business partners in the Salon and Spa industry. In 1991, Wagner purchased the prestigious Horst Salons+Spas from Rechelbacher, forming David Wagner Salons, Inc. By 1998 Wagner acquired Yosh Salon in Palo Alto, California from famed stylist, Yosh Toya. In 1999, the name of all salon locations was changed to JUUT Salonspa.