Darren Pena

Darren Pena

PureOlogy National Artistic Member

FLT 700C, FSS 302 MC

“I love my Fan Out Shears. The edge is incredible and in the world of Alternative cutting, being able to have a shear that cuts from the tip to the shank is important. Thank you Fan Out for giving us that ability in such a Luxury Shear”.

Beauty, architecture, art, nature, and color. These are the inspirations of PureOlogy National Artistic Team Member Darren Pena, and educator well-versed in the art of serious color care. Trained by some of the most prestigious and premier artist and manufacturers in the industry, Darren uses his expertise in precision cutting, razor cutting, formal styling, advanced color techniques and editorial work to train other hairdressers in the art of beautiful hair.

“I believe strongly that education is where it starts. People can always learn just one more thing, and with great education you also get affirmation and enlightenment”. These are works he chooses to live by as he travels the country and world demonstration and encouraging through show and educational events.