Sr. Manager of Education and Creative for LOGICS

FSS 302MC, FGT 675C, FGT 625C, FSS 160VFC

"Fanout shears are simply the best. When you work with the best it allows you the creative freedom to be your best!"


Chystofer Benson is leading the industry with his progressive approach to hair design. As an instrumental member of the creative team at the Matrix Global Academy, Chrystofer works diligently at setting an extreme yet obtainable standard for hairdressers. He has a true talent for developing fashion forward cutting edge techniques for cutting, styling and coloring. Chrystofer thrives on guiding hairdressers to embrace their passion with continuing education, which he firmly believes is the ultimate tool for success within today’s industry.

Chrystofer’s current position at the Matrix Global Academy is Creative Artist and Trainer, which involves developing Matrix educational curriculums, formats, photo sessions, videos, and published articles. Involved with the Matrix Global Academy vision, he has helped launch the new academy with great success and a pure passion for it to succeed. Working closely with the Creative Director, Academy team, Education teams, Field staff, PR department, and Marketing Chrystofer has been a great asset to Matrix as a whole.


Chrystofer Benson hails from a family of hair designers. His own story is very unique having been a successful salon and academy owner in the U.S. He has competed on the international and world competition circuits winning many 1st place awards in the Haircutting, Creative color, and Fantasy bal categories. Additionally, he has since expanded his interests to working on the international platform educational circuits, publication print, and video.

He now resides in New York City working exclusively for Matrix at the new Global Academy.

Show Mission:
The development of hair design has finally taken its important place in the fashion world. With this in mind the intelligence put forth by Chrystofer has the advantage to seeing the future fashion of trends in advance by being a creator of them. Every country, state, and city has its own signature of demographic identity. The idea is to educate through new combinations of color, and haircutting geared to new fashion trends for that area. 
He is instrumental in the development of Trends and Collections for Matrix. His focus is to: 

Skill set:

Cutting, Finishing, and Color,