Brian and Sandra Smith

Brian and Sandra Smith

Matrix Guest Artists

2008 Finalists for the Master Category and also Finalists for Avant Garde in the AIPP Awards in Paris France.
2009 NAHA Master's Category winner.
2010 Finalists for "International Stylists of the Year" in the anadian Mirror Awards.

FST 500, FST 600, FLT 550C, FSS 302MC, FST 600S, FMT 600C
TIS 550C, FGT 525 C

"Fan Out shears gives you the ultimate cutting tools. Amazing balance. Great weight and super sharp blades."

I love my "Mushin" shears !  They are incredibly sharp, light weight and balance. The offset design make it easy to keep your hand in the proper cutting position, as you work. After using this amazing shear for the last year, my wrist pain has disappeared. Thanks Tak!

Brian Smith & his wife Sandra are Matrix Guest Artists and have been long associated with the beauty industry as artists and salon owners.
Their work has appeared in Hair Color & Design Magazine where they were Makeover Directors.
Their work has also been featured in trade magazines such as: Hairdressers Journal, Pelluquerias, Modern Salon, American Salon, Salon International, Passion, Salon Today & numerous consumer magazines.

Modern Salon Readers voted them as 2 of the top 75 Educators of The Century

In 2006 they won International Stylists of the Year in the Canadian Mirror Awards

The Smith's have been consistent nominees as well as winners in the prestigious North American Hair Dressing Awards.

They have been finalists ten times in varied categories and were avant-garde and hair color winners.

In 2008 The Smith's were in the finalists for the Masters Category and also finalists for Avant Garde, in the AIPP Awards in Paris France.

At the 2009 North American Hairstyling Awards, Brian & Sandra were announced winners for their exceptional work in the Masters Category.

They were 2010 finalists for International Stylists of the Year, in the Canadian Mirror Awards.

Skill Set.

Haircutting, Coloring, Finishing, Long Hair Dressing, Avant Garde, Makeovers

Matrix Events

Global Academy, Destination 2008, Corporate Trainings, US & Global Photo Shoots, Distributor Shows, Seminars, In Salon Classes,  Hands On Classes, Craft On Demand


Brian & Sandra have worked fashion shows with major designers such as; Janet Howard, Cesar Galindo, Mugler, Karl Lagerfeld, & Moschino.

Film & TV

The Smiths have conducted numerous shows, seminars, and workshops in Italy, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Yugoslavia, Australia, South Africa, Central America, Dominican Republic and the USA.

Brian & Sandra have appeared on National & International TV, representing the professional beauty industry.

Brian and Sandra Smith are a dynamic married couple that have been long associated with the professional beauty industry. They can be summed up as personable, innovative, creative, motivating and impeccably skilled.

With spirited humor, Brians Scottish burr and Sandras Southern lilt keep audiences entranced and entertained. The Smiths have a versatile & unique ability to relate and share their technical expertise, ideas, and information with other beauty professionals.