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Alanna WidgizAlanna Widgiz

Alterna Educator in Canada

FSS 130 YC, TIS 600 C, FSS 110 TD

"Fan out Shears have taken my cutting to another level. The constant innovations with the design of the shears pushes my creativity to a place that I didn't even know existed.  I love bringing a new pair of Fan Outs to my salon because it makes everyone envious of my new tools... and who doesn't want that!"
Alanna consistently continues to give back to the industry by going to the schools in her community to provide students with additional education. Along with taking care of her clients at the salon, she works with new and talented photographers, fashion stylists and make up artists to create fashion forward styles that both consumers and stylists will love. Her interest for capturing hair in photography bloomed when she had an opportunity to compete in the Davines World Hair Competition. This was the first time she had her work photographed and it was also her first time competing. With winning 1st inheregionals, and then getting chosen to represent Canada at the finals in Florence, Italy she ended up placing 3rd in the world. This competition was a combination of her work being captured on film and her ability to perform styling on stage, which she clearly succeeded at.

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