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FMT - The FMT model was designed for the artist looking to set them apart from the rest. This model combines all of the features of the FST and FOT models. It is Super Light while providing a "Soft" cutting feel in the most natural of designs.
Made in Japan

As of January 1 2019, all our shears, except for our TRS DM series will be finished in our new process called, TT (Takumi Treatment).

This new process makes our shears even harder and sharper, resulting in a longer lasting shear with an even smoother cut.

Below are results between our previous shears and our Takumi Treated shears.

Rockwell scale: Takumi treated shears are 6.2% harder than our non-treated shears.
Vickers Hardness: Takumi treated shears are 15.3% harder than our non-treated shears.

*Tests were performed by a third party.

Fan Out is very proud of these magnificent results and we hope everyone enjoys our new Takumi Treated shears.

FMT 450C TT $930.00 4.50" Molybdenum Cobalt
FMT-500C TT $930.00 5.00" Molybdenum Cobalt
FMT-525C TT $960.00 5.25" Molybdenum Cobalt
FMT-550C TT $980.00 5.50" Molybdenum Cobalt
FMT-600C TT $1000.00 6.00" Molybdenum Cobalt

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