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The expansion into new markets with superior products. The path to ultimate freedom of expression. The right tool for the elite artist.

Freedom of expression
Artistic style
New and old Technology

Outstanding quality
Ultimate feel
Tools of tomorrow

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We have devoted 8 years to producing the best shears in the world. During the manufacturing of our shears in Japan, we have utilized both New and Old technology to bring you the ultimate comfort and lasting sharpness in the perfect shear.  With over 75 years of experience, our Japanese factory utilizes the latest computer controlled manufacturing techniques. While 15 out of the 20 steps in the manufacturing of our shears are done by hand, our Samurai Sword specialist personally handle the sharpening and final inspections. There is no doubt in the quality of our shears! The precision sharpness, light weight, and natural balance are just a few of the qualities that set us apart from our competition.

What was once a conventional market will transform into a new technology with ancient secrets!

Fan Out. Is proud to bring you the last shears you will ever use.

Fan Out Co. Ltd • 6440 Sky Pointe Drive Ste 140-127
Las Vegas, NV 89131

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